As of 1st July 2020, our out-of-hours service for pets will be provided by Vets Now.


Based at Abington Park Veterinary Surgery, Moulton, the Vets Now veterinary team are specially trained in emergency and critical care and only work out-of-hours (through the night, at weekends and on bank holidays).


Vets Now is the pet equivalent of A&E and the leading provider of out-of-hours pet care in the UK, responding to more than half a million emergencies every year. 



During our normal opening hours, there will be no change in our service.


We will continue to provide you and your pet with the highest standards of veterinary care. However, if your pet falls ill when we are closed, you can call the Vets Now team on 01604 945382 and they will be happy to help. 


Out-of-hours treatment will be charged by Vets Now directly. You can find out more about the service they offer here


Vets Now provide an emergency-only service for pets. For routine cases such as vaccinations and topical treatments, please call us as you would normally, during our daytime opening hours: Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 6.30pm, Saturday: 8.30am - 12.30pm.


Our equine out-of-hours service remains unchanged and will continue to be provided by Town & Country staff. 



At Town & Country Veterinary Centre, we know your pets are part of your family and our priority is, and always will be, to ensure they have access to the very best care, no matter what time it is.


For this reason, we will be partnering with Vets Now - a dedicated emergency service which provides expert care when we are closed. They will be ready and waiting to see you and your pet, whether it’s in the early hours of the morning or halfway through Sunday lunch. 


We are proud to be working with Vets Now and believe this new partnership offers you and your pet the best level of care both day and night. If you have any questions about this new service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




1. If my pet is required to stay overnight or at weekends, will this be at Town & Country or at Vets Now in Abington Park?


If your pet is hospitalised at Town & Country during normal working hours, we will give you the option as to where they stay overnight. The Vets Now hospital offer 24-hour care with a dedicated team of specially trained night staff undertaking regular checks. If you’d prefer your pet to remain at Town & Country, a nurse and vet will be on duty overnight but with less frequent monitoring. For intensive care cases that are fit to travel, we strongly advise that pets are transferred to Vets Now for ongoing assessment. 


2. Do Vets Now at Abington Park have access to my pet’s medical history?


For new cases, Vets Now will not have access to your pet’s details or clinical file. However, they do have a dedicated receptionist that will ask a series of questions to provide the vet with all the information required to successfully treat your pet. 


If your pet is transferred from Town & Country to Vets Now for hospitalisation, we will send your pet’s full clinical history (including blood sample results, X-ray and scan results, historical surgical notes) and copies of the inpatient hospital sheets to the Vets Now team. This ensures we maintain optimal continuity to deliver the best possible care for your pet.


3. What happens if I require an urgent consultation for injury or illness?


If a consultation is required during our opening hours (8.30am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday, and 8.30am – 12.30pm on Saturdays), please get in touch with Town & Country directly. Our team of vets and nurses will be on hand to treat your pet at the practice.


If treatment or hospitalisation is required, we will talk through the available options with you. We will always advise what is best for your pet.


From 1st July 2020, emergency treatment outside of our opening times will be undertaken by the team at Vets Now in Abington Park, Moulton. Vets Now will then send details of any treatment to Town & Country so we can update your pet’s records accordingly, and provide follow up treatment where required. 

Image by Joe Caione